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Mar 4, 2014 2:30pm PST
the villages myself and collect the taxes. - hey, did you hear the news? - huh? the king is dead, and all the nobles as well. what's more, pa ubu has seized the throne. and it seems they're going to raise all the taxes and that pa ubu is gonna make the rounds to collect them. great god. what will become of us? look. sounds like someone is knocking at the door. open up, pshit, in the names of saint john, saint peter and saint nicholas. by my hussar and my caisson, i have come to collect the taxes. [music] which one of you is the oldest? - i am. - what's your name? stanislas leczinkski. well then, horn strumper, listen carefully or these gentlemen will extrude your neroe. hey, listen will you? but your excellency hasn't said anything yet. i've been standing here for an hour. do you think i came here just to amuse myself with the echo of my own voice? no thought could be further from my mind, sire. well, then, i have come to tell you, order you, and inform you that you are to produce and display your ready cash immediately, or you'll all be massacred. come on in. phynancial gentlemen. santa
Mar 3, 2014 2:30pm PST
formulas -- a tight ceiling on federal spending and a tax surcharge. and for the public... it bears the single word "win." schoumacher: participation in a special campaign. i will call upon every american schoumacher: participation in to join incampaign. this massive mobilization and stick with it until we do win as a nation and as a people. [ applause ] schoumacher: while government concentrated on fighting inflation, gnp continued to fall, unemployment continued to rise. why was it so difficult for the government to adapt to the signs of the developing recession? the first was the tremendous fear of inflation that was all over the country. it wasn't only in washington but all over the country, which really effectively paralyzed those arms of government policy that might fight recession. because those very same arms also tend to propel inflation. and so that was effectively eliminated by the fear of inflation. the second reason is that this unusual event -- the supply shock, the series of supply shocks that had happened in 1973 and into '74 -- was kind of a foreign event, and peopl
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2